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         PrivateCoaching with Leila Sbitani

Private coaching is a great way to get one on one personal attention to build your brand and social media.  Or just work on your on-camera personality and camera techniques.  Leila has over 20 Years experience working on camera and over 15 years experience doing media training for on-air experts, influencers, executives, politicians and TV personalities.  Please send an email to if you would like to book a session or get more information.  Sessions done in person, on set or virtual as needed.  


"Working with Leila has truly been magical. She helped me create a plan, and gave me the push and a boost of confidence to land consistent television segments, which has given me the TV credibility that I needed as an expert ."




Demi Austin Thomas

Coach, Curator & TV Personality, 

"Leila does a really great job at finding what makes each person a unique host, it's not just a one size fits all class.  She takes the time to understand you, what you have to offer and helps you showcase it!"



"Leila has taught me how to connect with my audience on camera. Even after public speaking for more than two decades, I sure had a lot to learn about being in front of the camera. Leila helps you rediscover your most authentic self and to be more engaging, entertaining, and worthy of your audience's attention. She's awesome and I highly recommend you connect with her in any way possible." 



Callie Bundy

Fitness Model &

On-Air Personality

Bill Carmody,

"The Marketing Whisperer" & CEO of Trepoint

"Leila taught me how being on camera, like many other things in life, is a learned skill.  A skill that is best nurtured by someone who gets it.  She gets it.  Leila's easy laid back approach helped build my confidence without me feeling flustered or intimidated. This is one of the best things I did to jumpstart my career!"



Tyler Wisler 

Interior Designer and

On-Air Expert

Click on the video below to see highlights from my TV Hosting Work 

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